Friday, August 5, 2016

Jews For Racial and Economic Justice Come tp Riverdale for Demonstration

   About 75 people led by Leo Ferguson an organizer of Jews of Color led a peaceful protest through the streets of Riverdale. They came from mostly other parts of the city to rally with a few Riverdalian's who are part of the group. They met at the Riverdale Monument at West 239th Street, and then proceeded to march west to Independence Avenue. They turned down Independence Avenue to West 237th Street turning onto Blackstone Avenue. Upon reaching West 239th Street they turned east and marched back to the monument where speeches were then given. During the march chants of 'Black Lives Matter', and 'Fire racist police officers' was often heard. 
   The marchers were given a police escort by the 50th Precinct, with the commanding officer and community affairs officers providing traffic control and safety for the marchers. Deputy Inspector O'Toole said that he and his officers were there to insure the safety of the marchers. 
   It should be noted that the marchers went right by the residence of Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, and did not stop to protest there, as they were calling for better legislation to curtail the rash of police racism. That and the lack of noticeable Riverdale leaders in the march led many residents to look at the marchers, then continue what they were doing. The march and rally lasted a little over an hour as it was over when the night time came.  


Above and below - The protestors march through several Riverdale streets, as the police ensure their safety while marching.

Above - The marchers return to the West 239th Street monument to rally. 
Below - Leo Ferguson addresses the group at the Riverdale monument.

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  1. Any connection to Bronx Community Board 8?