Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Man Taken into Custody on Lydig Avenue - Tries to Escape From Police Car

This afternoon there was a unidentified man placed into a police car after an altercation. That man then tried to get out of the police car by going through the open driver side window. Below is a photo account of what happened. 

Above - You can see special high intensity lights have been placed at this corner of Lydig Avenue one block from the White Plains Road shopping district. 
Below - Several police officers from the 49th Pct. rush to this police car as an unidentified man tries to escape from the open driver side window.

Above and Below - The police officers are being careful not to injure the man who is trying to escape from the police car through the driver side window.

Above - Now that the man is out of the police car officers try to regain control of the situation.
Below - The unidentified man is now on the ground as police are trying to take control of the situation. Notice this is happening on the sidewalk less than one block from White Plains Road, and people are clicking photos and also taking video of what is happening.

Above - The police officers now have the unidentified man under control.
Below - The police officers are now awaiting to help the man back to his feet as an ambulance (out of the photo) has arrived.

Above - The unidentified man is now on his feet with the help of the police officers.
Below - He is being escorted to an awaiting ambulance.

Above - Police officers wait for the ambulance door to close and the ambulance leave just in case the unidentified man was to get out.
Below - I was told to see the sergeant in charge for any comments, but even though I had my NYPD Press ID on he refused to comment. 

As the photos were being taken I was told by the driver of a car that the incident began when the unidentified man kicked the side of his car. Police officers upon arriving placed the unidentified man in the police car, and it is not known if he was in handcuffs or not at the time he went through the driver side window of the police car. The area is covered by the 49th police precinct.

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