Wednesday, August 3, 2016

National Night Out in the 50th, 52nd, and 49th Precincts

   Tuesday was National night out in the eleven police precincts in the Bronx. Since I could not be at all eleven event I attended three of them. I began at the 50th Pct.on West 234th Street between Bailey Avenue and Broadway. The photos will tell the rest of the story.

Above - Deputy Inspector O'Toole shows off his latest addition to the fleet of police cars.
Below - Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz joins DI O'Toole along side the new Smart police car, and it appears the two take up more than half of the cars length, and may both just fit into the new police car. Each police precinct has been assigned one Smart police car which replaces the three wheeled scooters, and at half the cost.

Above - The Community Board 8 table has State Senator Jeff Klein and CB 8 Chairman Dan Padernacht are on each side of board member Amy Joy Robateau as the community board  is giving out reusable tote bags. 
Below - A photo of the early crowd here.

Fresh fruits such as bananas, apples and oranges were being given out as healthy snacks.

Above - It was on to Poe Park on the Grand Concourse and the 52nd Pct. The Councilman Ritchie Torres Table is at the lower Right with Mr. Ron Jordan manning the table.
Below - Community Board 7 District Manager Andrew Sandler seems to have things well in hand at the CB 7 table, as Traffic and Transportation Chair Lowell Greene sits beside her DM. 

Above - The Assemblyman Jose Rivera table.
Below - Assemblyman Rivera's opponent in the September Democratic primary was also on hand to talk to potential voters. Other elected officials here included Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj, Councilman Fernando Cabrera while I was here.

Above - It was off to the 49th Pct. National night out where the commanding officer welcomed everyone.
Below - State Senator Jeff Klein greets the crowd.

Above - City Comptroller Scott Stringer was short but to the point in his speech.
Below - Stringer and Bronx BP Diaz Jr. get in a few words.

Above - Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie was on hand as he chats with 36th State Senate candidate Jamaal Bailey.
Below - 80th A.D. Female District Leader Andrea Seagle (in red) stands with Comptroller Stringer and Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj. It appears that Seagle is the only one in the 80th A.D. with a primary challenge.

Above - Staff and friends of councilman Andy King.
Below - Staff members of State Senator Jeff Klein and Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj.

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