Monday, August 1, 2016

New York Post - Opponents Claim Crespo's Petition Riddled With Fraud

   That is the theme of a story in the New York Post which says that the 2016 petition of  Assemblyman, and Bronx Democratic County Leader Marcos Crespo includes. The Post reports that three pages in the petition have nearly identical signatures from the same address from one Bronx address, and are witnessed by three different people on the same day. 
   Crespo's opponent also claims that only 222 of the over 3,400 signatures are valid. 500 valid signatures are needed to be placed on the ballot for the Democratic Primary, which in the Bronx usually is the only election needed to win office. The Post says that Crespo is not concerned at all, and calls the charges "Absurd'. I was unable to contact the Crespo campaign for any other comments.

 Tomorrow is the hearings before the commissioners of the Board of Elections, but I can tell you the answer Crespo's opponent will get is that the Board of Elections does not rule on any cases of fraud, forgery, or any other matter that must be decided by the court system. 

  My prediction is that the Board of Elections will throw out any duplicate signatures or other matters they have jurisdiction over, thus leaving Assemblyman Marcos Crespo with more than enough valid signatures to make the primary ballot. The clerks report will be moved by King Stanley Schlein, and Crespo's petition will be ruled valid by the Board of Elections.

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