Sunday, August 14, 2016

News From Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman

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Ending Deceptive Practices At Tanning Salons Across NY

The Attorney General reached a settlement with Total Tan that prohibits the company from making misleading claims about the health risks of indoor tanning. Despite the clear dangers of tanning, the company downplayed the risks, while also asserting that tanning prevents an array of diseases. This agreement is the latest in the Attorney General’s effort to educate the public about the harms associated with indoor tanning, and those who are considering going to their local salon should consult the office’s tips so they can get the facts about the risks.   

Consumer Protections for Synergy Fitness Club Members

If you are a consumer at Synergy Fitness Clubs in New York City or Long Island, you may be in for a refund. The Attorney General announced a settlement with six Synergy clubs for illegal and deceptive practices that included charging New Yorkers fees that were not disclosed in membership contracts, unfairly applying cancellations policies and engaging in improper billing. Those who believe they had been charged services after they cancelling their membership can now apply for restitution. Remember to check out the Attorney General’s tips when a considering a health club so you can avoid being scammed. 

Conviction and Jail Sentence For Doctor Who Sold HIV Meds on Black Market 

The ringleader of a scheme that sold black market HIV medications to patients now faces up to 25 years in prison following a jury trial in Suffolk County. Ira Grass helped perpetrate a scheme that billed Medicaid $274 million for HIV medication illegally obtained from the black market—exposing patients to potentially dangerous drugs. Gross himself profited over $25 million from the fraudulent dealings. 

$100 Million Settlement For New York in Barclays Bank Case

The Attorney General’s office led a multi-state coalition that negotiated a $100 million settlement with Barclays that holds the bank accountable for artificially manipulating interest rates. Government and non-profit entities were defrauded out of millions as a result of Barclays actions, but the settlement provides restitution to those affected. Attorney General Schneiderman believes there must be one set of rules for everyone—not matter how rich or powerful, and that includes big banks and financial institutions.  

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