Monday, August 8, 2016

So What Was a NYC Parks Department Car Doing on West 238th Street?

  As I mentioned in the last posting the photo above is of a Parks Department car parked right in front of a patched roadway that was done by the Empire City Subway company. So why was the Parks Department car there?

Above - You can see the roots from a giant tree has uprooted the sidewalk so it must be replaced. 
Below - This sign is posted by the Parks Department since this became an emergency situation. As you will see in the photos below the tree is not going to be removed, but just pruned.

Above - You can see that the branches of the tree are becoming ever so close to the electric and cable wires that are running above this tree.
Below - You can see that this neighboring tree has its roots firmly entrenched so that the roots have moved the curb over a few inches.

Here you can see the roots of another tree growing in front of the bushes alongside of them.

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