Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sotheby's on Riverdale Avenue Sunday After Car Crashes Into Store Front

   This is what the front of Sotheby's located at 3732 Riverdale Avenue looked like after a car jumped the curb crashing into the storefront.

   In this photo you can see large pieces of glass hanging until Friday when an insurance adjuster came from Connecticut to see the damage. By the way I was told that the insurance adjustor received a parking ticket for not feeding the Muni Meter. 

   Here is what Sotheby's looks like today. The two broken front windows are covered over, and will be replaced sometime next week. It was lucky that the car hit the side wall between Sotheby's and the store next door, or the car could have wound up inside Sotheby's. It was also lucky that it happened in the summer when the crowd of children were not on this sidewalk like they would have been if school had been in session. 

   Was it this piece of broken curb that was the cause of this accident. The street was milled and repaved in March, and the city Department of Transportation was well aware of this and many other sections of the curbs on Riverdale Avenue were broken during the Milling of the street.

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