Thursday, September 1, 2016

100 PERCENT Thursday September 1, 2016

By Robert Press
Weiner Roast

    It seems that Carlos Danger has resurfaced in the reports of Anthony Weiner sexting women again. However this time it is going to cost him more than his congressional seat or a run for mayor. This latest protrusion by Weiner involves photos with his four year old son. 
     City Councilman Ruben Diaz Sr, called for an investigation into the matter by Commissioner Gladys Carrion of ACS, saying if it was a member of the minority community ACS would have been knocking on the door to investigate the matter. Councilman Diaz Sr. then wrote that he learned that ACS was going to investigate the Weiner matter. He also writes that with Weiner's very powerful wife Huma Abedin this matter may have gone unaddressed. However Councilman Diaz Sr. leaves out the fact that Huma Abedin is a top aide to Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Yes it is the same Hillary Clinton who came to the Bronx with national coverage so she could ride the subway with Hispanic Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. the son of soon to be Councilman Ruben Diaz Sr. That is what you should know.
    In local Bronx politics - The 33rd state senate race between is getting nasty. Challenger Fernando Cabrera is calling current State Senator Gustavo Rivera a do nothing elected official (haven't we heard that many times in the Bronx). Cabrera also says that he is the only one who brings resources into the district. Current State Senator Gustavo Rivera has brought out his old line which he used six years ago (against the former state senator) saying that his opponent is being backed by Republicans. Gustavo has now teamed up with Assemblyman Jose Rivera and the two Rivera's are going to be on television Saturday boasting about what both have accomplished. Since it is a half hour show, I wonder what is going to be said after the two are announced. 
   On to the vacant 36th State Senate race. Front runner Jamaal Bailey took a few hits about his experience in the district, but what would you call his vast experience with now Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie whose district lies in the 36th State Senate District. On the Bronxtalk debate we saw one of his opponents talk about the Kingsbridge Armory Ice Center deal that seems to be falling apart, and by the way that is in the 33rd senate district and not the 36th. Another opponent prided herself being on a Bronx school board mentioning Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. First school boards in New York City were abolished over twelve years ago, and second Bronx Borough President and the Bronx Democratic County organization have endorsed Mr. Jamaal Bailey for the 36th State Senate seat. 
    As for assembly races, in the 87th A.D. Luis Sepulveda is working hard to get his slate of candidates who have been challenged elected. In the 86th A.D. Assemblyman Victor Pichardo has to do well as he is going to have to save his former boss State Senator Gustavo Rivera get re-elected. Pichardo also has to do well so former Assemblyman Nelson Castro will forget about challenging him in two years. In the 85th A.D. Bronx Democratic County Leader Assemblyman Marcos Crespo must have an excellent showing, or people may feel that a poor election result could be a sign of weakness in the county organization. In the 84th A.D. who cares as current Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo will probably step down mid-term so a certain chief of staff who does not live in the district can run for the seat in a special election. 
    Since there are no primaries in the other districts except for a party position the 78th A.D. could be the only race where the incumbent could lose, especially with the help the incumbent is getting. It looks like Aldo Perez who is helping Assemblyman Jose Rivera get re-elected had a rally in front of the 52nd Police Precinct. However it was 78th A.D. candidate for assembly Ischia Bravo who was with Aldo Perez, and Jose was no where to be found. In asking Mr. Anthony Riveccio a past supporter of Jose Rivera what is going on, the response was 'Don't ask me Ask Dr. Aldo'. Anthony also said that 78th A.D. Female District Leader candidate Sameys Lopez was at the rally. 
    You can find the Bronx Voice next week after our two week vacation. You can always go to our web page at Have a good and safe Labor Day, and you can find this column back in the Bronx Voice next week. 

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