Sunday, September 11, 2016

640 West 238th Street Construction Mess

Above - The construction site 640 west 238th street the day after concrete was poured for the fourth floor of an eight story building. The Concrete trucks have to back in at an angle in the street to unload since there is no room inside the construction site. Here is where they unload.
Below - This is what can happen when there anyone of several things happen on a poorly planned construction site where you try to build an eight story building where there was only a one family house. Yes that is washed out concrete from one of the trucks which made a delivery to the construction site 640 West 238th Streetup the hill.

Above - That is another trail of cement from one of the trucks that delivered to the construction site at 640 West 238th Street.
Below - It appears that the protective fencing around the island directly across from the construction site at 640 West 238th Street had to be replaced. By the looks of it and the cement on the street one would have to guess that a construction vehicle drove over the island again.

The above photos were sent to the DOT who said they will be investigating the matter.

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