Saturday, September 24, 2016

Bronx Conservative County Committee Dinner

  It seemed just like the Bronx Democratic County Committee Dinner that was held at Marina Del Rey in July. The Host Committee, the people giving out the awards, and the honorees may have been different, but the results of a packed ballroom were the same. There were even some faces that I saw at the Democratic Dinner here at the Conservative Dinner, as some people give to all parties or all candidates in a race. The photos below should tell the rest of the story, but the lighting was very bad so please excuse the quality of the photos. 

Above - Bill Newmark The Bronx Conservative County Committee Chair welcomes everyone to the dinner.
Below - Tom Cronin of the Bronx Conservative County Committee introduces Tom Garrity who sang the national anthem.

Above - The singing of the National Anthem by Mr. Garrity.
Below - Honoree Pat Lynch of the PBA thanks the Bronx Conservative County Committee for honoring him, that is after a long introduction by BCCC Chair Bill Newmark.

Above - PBA President Lynch with BCCC Chair Newmark and Executive member Cronin with the plaque given to President Lynch.
Below - In between awards there was entertainment that came off stage to many of the attendees.

Bronx Republican Vice-Chair and Board of Elections Republican Commissioner from the Bronx Michael Rendino was honored. Rendino did not mention Donald Trump by name, but said that it was important to take back the White House from the Democrats. 

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