Sunday, September 11, 2016

Bronx Democratic County BBQ and Family Day

There could have been many reasons as to why the turnout was half of the usual crowd, but Bronx Democratic County Leader Assemblyman Marcos Crespo (in his Met colored county t-shirt) put the blame on his Executive Director Anthony Perez (to Crespo's right) for not getting the baseball field for the elected official softball game. It was 90 degrees, and the event was being held in an area that many people did not know where it was. Crespo said that it would be held in Riverdale next year, and that county committee chair Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz would find the location. One thing I must say is that the food was catered by Joe's Restaurant, and the food was delicious. Kudos also goes to Mr. Freddie Perez for setting up the event. 

Above - County Leader Crespo, State Senate IDC Leader Jeff Klein and Pepsico executive Peter Wilcox, and since they could not get the baseball field is that a football in Crespo's hands?
Below - With no softball game Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie gets some practice on the basketball court.

Above - Game one featured some great moves by Speaker Heastie, and Bronx BP Ruben Diaz Jr. who attempts a long shot from the foul line, but Heastie does not look worried as he is setting up for the rebound. 
Below - In game two the action got a lot hotter as Community Board 7 District Manager Andrew Sandler appears to get his hand in the face of the BP.

Above and Below - The action got hotter as Diaz was not going to let Sandler beat him. Even as the ball is behind Sandler in the bottom photo.

Above - Sandler must of thought he was a cop as he tries to frisk the BP after stopping him.
Below - Sandler tries an outside shot at the basket, but the BP knows after sever other missed shots by Sandler the place to be is waiting for the rebound. 

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