Wednesday, September 21, 2016

CB 7 District Manager Keeps Job for at Least 28 Days

   A motion is being read to fire the current Community Board 7 District Manager Andrew Sandler. This was the result of an Executive Board meeting of CB 7 which resulted in a 9 - 1 vote to place this resolution on the calendar for the September full board meeting. 
  As the motion was read there was a motion to go into Executive Session to discuss the matter further. The public meaning all non board members including the DM and CB 7 staffer were asked to leave until this Executive Session was done. 
   While Councilman Andrew Cohen and other City Council members who suggest membership to this board are Ex-Officio members of the Community Board since it is a city agency three other non board members were allowed to stay in the room. Mr. Tom Lucania of the Borough Presidents office, Mr. Greg Faulkner of Councilman Cabrera's office, and Assemblyman Jose Rivera.
    The outcome of the hour long Executive Session led to a motion to table the original motion to let go of the District Manager. Another motion was put forth to extend the probation of DM Sandler until the next full board meeting (in 28 days), and to have Mr. Lucania as a mentor and for the DM to attend professional development at a cost of over $1,500.00 to the board.
   There have been three different District Managers at CB 7 in the past few years since longtime DM Rite Kessler was let go.

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