Friday, September 23, 2016

End of Men's Homeless Shelter - Beginning of New Family Homeless Shelter?

  The Van Cortlandt Motel, on Riverdale Avenue was found to be housing homeless men at a Community Board 8 Land Use meeting. An Assistant Commissioner from the NYC Department of Homeless Services said that the use of the motel for homeless men would stop in September. Community residents living near the motel are now worried that homeless families are going to be placed in this motel. In the photo above, Yes that is a school bus parked in front of the Motel office at the far left of the photo. I went into the office to talk to a person behind the locked glass door claiming to be in charge at the time. I had two questions for this person. 
1 - Are the homeless men out of the motel? His answer was, yes.
2 - Are there any homeless families living in the motel? His answer was, not yet.

I then saw this room at the motel being cleaned, and so clean as if it had to pass an inspection. One picture is worth a thousand words. 

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