Monday, September 19, 2016

Ischia Bravo for Assembly - THANK YOU

                    THANK YOU                             
I would like to thank everyone who supported our campaign. I am truly humbled by the amount of support we received.
From the start we focused on how we could draw attention to the issues which affect our community.  From the lack of resources for our schools, to the need for representation for our tenants against greedy landlords, to residents living in squalor while paying high rents - we worked to draw attention to the problems our neighborhoods must deal with.
We knew what we were up against - an incumbency defined by a 35-year status quo. And although we were not successful this time, we still know that we deserve a representative that will work for us. It was and is time for change. We deserve to be represented throughout the year, not just when campaigns are in effect.
Thirty five percent of this district stood for change and I won't let them down. This has been my home and will continue to be my family's home. I met so many wonderful people throughout this journey who believe that our community deserves better.  I will continue to work on issues that directly affect us through my advocacy on Community Board 7 and the 52nd Precinct Community Council. And I eagerly await the day to represent you in Albany. 
Until that time,  Team BRAVO and I will continue to work hard in support of you, our residents.

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