Sunday, September 11, 2016

Manhattan College Assistant Head of Security Gets Heat About Student Behavior Off Campus

  The photo above should tell the whole story as Manhattan College Assistant Head of Security Peter DeCaro listens to complaints about off campus antics and drinking by residents living around the college at last weeks 50th Precinct Community Council meeting. One after another local residents spoke of loitering, loud noise, public urination, public drinking, underage drinking, and other mischief or pranks that the college students partake in off campus. 
  Mr. DeCaro said that the college can not discipline any students that are not identified. He suggested taking photos of the student acts, but when one resident said they sent him such a video, he answered it was to dark to identify any student. 
  At this point local Councilman Andrew Cohen stood up and said that this has gone on long enough year after year, and he wanted the college to do something about the drinking and behavior problem of the few Manhattan College students off campus. Mr. DeCaro replied 'Mr. Cohen how long have you been in office?' Cohen shot back three years, and this has been going on for ten years now. 
  I then showed Mr. DeCaro a photo of three Manhattan College students from last years Santa Gon who were walking off campus with bottles in their hands. The orange juice bottle I was told was a screwdriver which contained Vodka in it, and I was not able to find out what alcoholic beverage was hidden in the paper bag. DeCaro told me to send him the photo, and I said I would do one better, and put the photos on this blog and in my Riverdale column in the Bronx Voice newspaper I am the Associate Editor of. 
  The last time Mr. DeCaro came to this meeting a few months ago to address several complaints about the college students, I told him that I was in a local deli where a call came in for a delivery of a 24 pack of beer. The worker asked for the address, and then said what dorm room. I asked Mr. DeCaro 'How does the clerk check the ID of the person calling or is the beer left at the front desk so the student can come down to get it?' Just like that time Mr. DeCaro rushed out of the meeting as not to hear anymore complaints about the poor job of controlling student behavior of the Manhattan College students he is doing.

Here is the photo from Santa Gon I am talking about, and I have cropped the photo as not to show the faces of there three Manhattan College students.

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