Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Klein celebrates back-to-school with administrators, principals & parent coordinators at Project BOOST dinner

State Senator Jeff Klein joined Bronx schools administrators, principals, and parent coordinators to kick-off the new school year and announce $830,000 in funds for Project BOOST (Building Options and Opportunities for Students).

As a result of Senator Klein’s funds, students in BOOST will receive academic and cultural enrichment experiences, test preparation services, academic counseling, and community service opportunities.  BOOST will help ensure that both the teachers and students receive the resources and support needed to enhance their learning environment. Schools choose the way they use BOOST funding. In schools that lack arts programs, students enjoy performing arts programs, cultural trips to Broadway shows, museums, and other artistic institutions or become proficient in musical instruments with the help of philharmonic teachers.   

Above - Carl Vinci Director of Student Services, Project BOOST for the Center fer Educational Innovation, welcomes the educators in attendance. 
Below - Senator Klein congratulates the educators in the room for the fine job they do under current education problems. He adds that Project BOOST is a way to help every school.

Above and Below - Senator Klein and CEI Director of Student Services, Project BOOST listen to two different school personal tell the different ways that their Project BOOST monies were used to aid student development in their schools.

Editors Note:
It is great that Senator Klein is providing funds for schools to hire outside vendors to help them do work that the District Offices once did before Mayoral Control. Mayoral Control has led to no accountability of the public school system where valued elected officials have to provide additional funds to schools for items that the public school system once did, and should do. Mayoral Control of the New York City Public Schools expires on June 30 2017, and let's hope an alternative to Mayoral Control is found, or as a last resort the state legislature ends Mayoral Control (which has been a failure) once and for all in New York City.

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