Monday, September 26, 2016

The Joke is on Community Board 8 Traffic and Transportation Chair Heller with Broken Curbs on Riverdale Avenue Still not Fixed by DOT

  When the city DOT milled and repaved Riverdale Avenue during the warm weather in March the contractor hired by DOT ripped apart many sections of the curb between West 235th and West 239th Streets. That could be one reason that a car went onto the sidewalk crashing into Sotheby's last month. There was a section of the curb that was broken (not the photo above) where the car may have went over and on to the sidewalk. 
   Community Board 8 Traffic & Transportation Chair Michael Heller was notified of the broken curbs after the milling of the road was done. The answer he received was that the DOT would repair any broken curbs which its contractor did. That answer was in June, and it is now September and the curbs are still broken. One would have to guess the joke is on T&T Chair Heller and Community Board 8. 
   Well Mr. Heller what is it going to take for the DOT to repair the broken curbs? Is there going to have to be another accident where someone is hurt or worse? School children walk right by the place where the car ran into Sotheby's storefront. It was a good thing that school; was out, or we might have been writing an obituary or two. Below are just a few photos of the broken curbs, some still with the metal wire sticking out which was placed in the cement. 

Above and Below are sections of broken curbs caused by the milling of Riverdale Avenue. Yes that is the Fieldston School from where students enter and exit from.

Above - Grass is already growing where there was once a curb.
Below - Yes that is metal wires which can and probably have punctures car tires are still protruding from the broken curb.

Above - One can see that the handicap ramp was repaired, and new crosswalk lines have been painted, but a pedestrian can trip on the broken sidewalk where grass is growing from at this corner.
Below - Below - Another corner with a broken curb in the crosswalk. A garbage pail has been placed in the way so no one will get hurt here.

Above - Another section where the curb was broken by the DOT milling contractor.
Below - More broken curbs this time in front of stores where a car can easily drive into another storefront.

It's a real shame that the community board is powerless, as over six months have passed since this section of Riverdale Avenue was milled and then repaved. It is also over four months since the Bronx DOT Commissioner said that the broken curbs by the DOT milling contractor would be repaired by the DOT. Mayor Bill de Blasio - is this anyway to run a city. City Comptroller Scott Stringer - the city has known about this situation for over four months now. 
Just get it fixed before someone is hurt.

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