Monday, September 5, 2016


  Mayor Bill de Blasio: Every year, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people come out to participate in this celebration of Caribbean culture. Typically, at J'Ouvert almost a quarter of a million people, including last night at the parade – often over a million people. The vast, vast majority celebrate peacefully. They represent their culture proudly. And it's a moment where every year, people look forward to celebrating their heritage as all New Yorkers do for their own heritages. And we are very clear about honoring and uplifting that celebration of heritage. But at the same time, our hearts are heavy today. We never accept violence in our midst. Last night, there was violence that is fundamentally unacceptable that we will continue to address more forcefully. Last night, a very few people violated that spirit of pride and celebration and caused pain for so many others. 

  Chief of Brooklyn Detectives Patrick Conry, NYPD: In the early morning hours associated with J'Ouvert, we had three shooting incidents involving four individuals who were shot. Two of those individuals are deceased. I will give you a little bit of a summary of each of the three incidents.

Approximately 03:45 hours at Empire in Flatbush, we had two individuals shot – a female 72-year-old who was shot and it's not likely, and a male 18-year-old who is deceased. We believe at this point, one if not both of those individuals are unintended targets. We did recover some shell casings that leads us to believe there was a crossfire. 

Second incident happens at 4:15 am – Franklin and Empire, which is about a block away. We have a female, 22 years old, shot in the head. She's also deceased. We believe she was an unintended target at this time, absent any additional information. 

Third incident happened at 6:45 amClasson and Rogers – a couple of blocks off the parade route, but within the zone. We had a male, 20-year-old, shot in the leg. Two groups crossing paths had a verbal dispute which turned physical. Apparently, a male stepped out from the crowd – fired one round from a 9 millimeter firearm, striking him. He's not likely. 

So to recap – three shooting incidents – four people shot; two deceased. 

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