Friday, October 7, 2016


  Assemblyman Jeffrey DinowitzCongressman Eliot Engel, a representative of Council Member Andrew Cohen, along with local community leaders and residents of Netherland Gardens, Riverdale Gardens, Skyview and 5601 Riverdale Avenue attended a press conference today demanding that the city install a left turn signal at the intersection of Riverdale Avenue and West 256th Street. This intersection has been plagued with numerous traffic accidents and enormous traffic. The 50th precinct reports that there have been 6 accidents at this intersection alone since January of this year. Several times a day there are significant traffic backups which impede motorists, particularly those who are making a left turn.

“Safety has to be our number one priority. The intersection of Riverdale Avenue and West 256th Street is dangerous and very congested. Alleviating the congestion by installing a left turn signal for north bound traffic will go a long way to improving safety at that intersection. Residents of Skyview, Riverdale Gardens, and Netherland Gardens all turn left there to go west on West 256 Street. Many scores of parents drive to PS 81 to drop off and pick up their children. Traffic backup has gotten out of control and the time is now to take a very simple step to improve the situation,” said Assemblyman Dinowitz.

“Currently, cars turning left onto West 256th Street from Riverdale Avenue are too often jumping the light in hopes of beating the southbound traffic and avoiding a prolonged wait. This is very dangerous for obvious reasons, not the least of which is because hundreds of children cross that street every day to attend school at P.S. 81,” said Congressman Eliot Engel. “But simple traffic calming measures could fix the problem. A left-turn signal for northbound traffic at this intersection would go a long way toward alleviating congestion while also improving motorists and pedestrian safety. I hope DOT heeds our call and works expeditiously to make this area safer for our school children.”

Above - Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz with Congressman Eliot Engel at the corner of Riverdale Avenue and West 256th Street with community residents.
Below - Congressman Engel says while this is not a federal issue, that he supports Assemblyman Dinowitz and the community in trying to get a left turn arrow northbound on Riverdale Avenue at West 256th Street.

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