Wednesday, October 26, 2016


   Nearly every Bronx elected official has signed a letter to Tim Cook, Apple CEO, urging the company to consider the borough as a location for a new Apple Store.

In the letter, the elected officials note that Apple Stores are currently opened in four of the five New York City boroughs, and that opening in The Bronx would help the company complete their branding.

“Few brands are as recognized and admired as Apple, and an ‘Apple Bronx’ location would be another signal to the world that The Bronx is open for business,” states the letter. “It is time for The Bronx to get its bite of the Apple!”

The letter also suggests several potential homes for an “Apple Bronx” location, including The Mall at Bay Plaza in Co-op City, as well as highly trafficked retail corridors at The Hub/3rd Avenue, Fordham Road and Kingsbridge/Broadway.

The letter, as well as a separate letter by New York State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, can be read at

“We have seen incredible, transformative development in The Bronx since 2009. Numerous companies that may have looked us over in the past are now clamoring to do business here. Tens of thousands of Bronx residents are already Apple customers, so a new Apple Store right here in The Bronx would be a perfect fit for this borough. I am hopeful that Apple will consider our request, as a Bronx location would be mutually beneficial not only to the company, but to the thousands of Bronxites who would take advantage of its services closer to home,” said 
Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

“The Bronx is home to more than one and half million people and that number continues to grow,” said 
New York State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie. “Having an Apple store in The Bronx would ensure that our many residents have access to the world renowned products and services that Apple has to offer. Over the past few years, The Bronx has seen billions of dollars in development and offers numerous potential retail locations for continued growth. A Bronx location would undoubtedly prove to be beneficial for both Apple and one and half million eager consumers here in the Bronx.”

“The Bronx is ripe for an Apple Store with major retailers locating here and a population of over a million eager shoppers looking to buy local. A Bronx Apple Store would draw consumers and boost business for your brand. I, along with my colleagues, hope you consider our home as a site for a new store,” said 
State Senate Co-Coalition Leader Jeff Klein.

“Apple is one of the most highly recognized and celebrated brands in the world. When people think of Apple, they think of cutting-edge products, incredible innovation, and success. Today, those words are just as often used to describe what’s happening in The Bronx, which over the past few years has seen unbelievable progress and growth. There is no question that the Bronx is the place to be in NYC, so it would only be fitting for Apple to make our borough their new home,” said Congressman Eliot Engel.   

“The Bronx is growing and booming. It's actually shocking that there is no Apple store to serve the 1.4 million Bronx residents,” said Assembly Member Jeffrey Dinowitz. “I am a purchaser of Apple products and do not like having to go outside The Bronx to shop. We all know that there is a tremendous untapped market here in The Bronx. Apple opening a store here would be good for The Bronx and good for Apple.”

“The opening of an Apple Store in The Bronx will serve as a further confirmation of the steady economic transformation that our borough has been going through in the last decades,” said State Senator Gustavo Rivera. “I urge Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, to consider how this step would benefit thousands of Bronxites who are already Apple customers. I thank Borough President Diaz for working to invest and develop our borough's economy and, as a result, our communities.”

“The Bronx continues to grow with developments in all corners of our borough and an Apple store would continue this transformation,” said 
Council Member Andrew Cohen.  “The Broadway corridor in Kingsbridge is home to a number of recently developed shopping centers and would be the perfect location for a brand new Apple store.  I, along with Borough President Diaz Jr. and my colleagues, urge Apple to strongly consider expanding to the Bronx.”

“I strongly urge Apple to consider establishing a retail outlet in The Bronx. Here is a prime opportunity for this venerable consumer electronics brand to be at the vanguard of our borough's economic renaissance, as well as being a beacon for our burgeoning tech hub,” said 
Council Member Annabel Palma. “Apple's history symbolizes risk-taking and innovation; setting up shop in The Bronx would certainly continue this pursuit.”

“The Bronx has always been home to many world-renowned brands, vibrant businesses and economic opportunities,” said 
Council Member Ritchie Torres. “It makes sense for Apple to open a store in the Bronx and make its services available to the borough’s residents. Thousands of Bronx residents enjoy Apple’s products, just like residents from other areas of the City, so they should be able to access the company’s services in the borough where they live.” 

“We have a deep commitment to continue improving the economy of our borough by attracting quality businesses that bring goodwill to our neighborhoods,” said Marlene Cintron, President of the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation. “Apart from the great compensation and healthcare benefits the Apple Store provides for their employees, they also provide invaluable extensive training as well as attracting customers in large numbers, helping drive clientele to nearby businesses, and generating huge amounts in sales tax, which is great for the benefit of the community.”

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