Monday, October 31, 2016

Bronx Taxi Summit

  The event took place at the Southeast Bronx Neighborhood Centers Inc. located at 955 Tinton Avenue where the mayor's Community Assistance Unit and the TLC along with several city agencies and vendors connected to the taxi industry came together to help the attendees on current problems they are facing as drivers. 

  While TLC Commissioner Meera Joshi and Elvin Garcia of the Mayors CAU unit jointly hosted the event it was the Southeast Bronx Neighborhood Center located at 955 Tinton Avenue that was the winner. I spoke to Mr. Calvin Kendrick for almost an hour as the family worker supervisor and I agreed on many issues as to what is happening in many areas of the Bronx, and why children and others need centers like the SEBNC one on Tinton Avenue.

Above - Mr. Elvin Garcia of the Mayors CAU unit introduces TLC Commissioner Meera Joshi.
Below - Commissioner Joshi explains some of today's problems facing TLC drivers, and how the city administration plans to help the drivers.

Mr. Damyn Kelly the Executive Director of SEBNC thanked all who came to the Taxi Summit, and those city agencies and vendors who also participated in the summit held at the SEBNC center on Tinton Avenue. He tells of some of the many programs that are offered at the Tinton Avenue center.

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