Friday, October 28, 2016

Did Anthony Weiner Screw Up Clinton's Chance at the Presidency

  It has been reported that the computer used by Anthony Weiner to send photos of himself and his young child to an underage minor girl is going to cause problems for Hillary Clinton, and could possibly give Donald Trump the advantage to win the election for President. 

  The computer in question was a jointly used computer used not only by Anthony Weiner, but also Hillary Clinton Chief of Staff Huma Abin Weiner's wife at the time he was caught sending lewd photos to the underage girl. 

   The FBI is now in possession of said computer, and has released a letter stating that it will now be reopening the Hillary Clinton e-mail case due to the fact that many e-mails have been found on the computer which could have been of a very sensitive nature or could have been classified material. 

   The FBI will continue to investigate the matter in the statement by the Director of the FBI.

     More details in future posts.

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