Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Gas Leak at Wells Fargo Bank on Riverdale Avenue


  It is not a good sign when you see firemen outside a bank unless they are going in to make a deposit, withdrawal, or use the ATM machine. This Wells Fargo bank on Riverdale Avenue between West 236th and West 238th Streets however had the two local firehouses respond to a gas leak just after 10 AM. As you will see in other photos the fire department went to other stores and even on to the roof of the bank to try to find out where the odor of gas was coming from. It appeared to be coming from the AC/heating unit on the roof which s[read the odor of the gas throughout the bank and nearby. I was told that this had happened at the same time last year when the unit was converted from an air conditioner to a heating unit. The gas was never lit to heat the bank, and was flowing through the ventilation system. Con Edison arrived a short time after the company which installed the AC/heating unit. Holes were drilled into the sidewalk in front of the building to check for the odor of gas, which was not found, and the bank was reopened later in the afternoon after it was properly ventilated and the heating unit fixed.

Above - Firemen climb up the extended ladder to check the rooftop AC/heating unit which apparently misfired and sent the odor of gas into the bank ventilation system.
Below - Foremen are checking stores near and around the Wells Fargo bank to see if they have an odor of gas, or a gas leak also, but none did.

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