Saturday, October 15, 2016

Grace Belkin Way Dedication

  Grace Belkin was the District Manager of Community Board 8 from 1977 to 2006. Ms Belkin had to retire as district manager due to health problems, but in her last years as district manager working only part-time she did the work most full time DM's were doing. In June of 2013 Grace Belkin passed away. Community Board 8 has a policy of waiting for two years after a person has died before starting the process of naming a street after them. A date is then chosen by the family for the dedication and the community is invited to share in the street renaming. Over 100 people including family members, current and past local elected officials, current and former Community Board 8 members, and many who were friends or acquaintances of Grace Belkin. 

Above - Councilman Andrew Cohen speaks about the process of having a street renamed for someone, as he was the driving force in getting the City Council and mayor to sign legislation to rename the corner of West 246th Street and Henry Hudson Parkway West Grace Belkin Way. 
Below - Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz tells of working with CB 8 District Manager Grace Belkin on many many occasions, and tells that she knew just about where every garbage can, fire hydrant, fire call box, and other city instruments as well as each and every city agency. In the background you can see the street sign is covered up as this photo was taken before the sign Grace Belkin Way was revealed. 

Above - Son David Belkin thanks everyone who came for the street renaming and those who spoke about his mother. sitting is Mr. Ruppert Belkin who was married Grace Belkin and who still lives in Briar Oaks the building across the street from where the street sign 'Grace Belkin Way' now sits.
Below - The crowd gets ready for the cover to be pulled off of Grace Belkin Way.

Above - Councilman Cohen helps pull the cover off the new street sign.
Below - Grace Belkin Way at the corner of West 246th Street and Henry Hudson Parkway West. 

Afterward, a photo for remembrance of the Belkin family, elected officials, and community board members. 

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