Sunday, October 2, 2016

News From - Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman

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Reforming The Herbal Supplements Industry

In his office's ongoing work with the herbal supplement industry, the Attorney General reached an agreement with NBTY to implement new quality control measures on their herbal supplement products sold at Walgreens and Walmart nationwide. This settlement will require DNA barcoding and other testing, labeling and manufacturing to help detect allergens and accurately identify each chemical ingredient. Consumers deserve products that are properly labeled, ensuring a product's authenticity and purity. 

Protecting Military Families From Abusive Business Practices

Attorney General Schneiderman reached a settlement this week with USA Discounters to end their unlawful business practices that targeted military, veterans and government servicemembers. The company would hook servicemembers into deceptive loans, false advertising and illegal collection practices. They would also sue servicemembers out of state where they would be unable to defend themselves. Restitution to consumers in New York State is $1.8 million dollars, which will impact approximately 759 New York consumers.
The Attorney General addressed members of the Public Employers Federation on Monday at the organization’s annual convention in Rochester.

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