Thursday, November 24, 2016

640 West 238th Street Construction on Thanksgiving Without any Safety Precautions to People Driving or Walking

   It's bad enough that there was a delivery to the construction site at 640 West 238th Street where an eight story building is going up any day, but on Thanksgiving?
   As you will see in the photos below the company doing the construction work are being their usual bad neighbors, but again are not following New York City Department of Transportation rules by having flag persons on both sides of the closed side of the street which curves around an island in the middle of the street. One photo has the site supervisor talking to the delivery driver as the truck completely blocks one side of street so traffic must go both ways on the other side of the island. NYCDOT requires that flag people be placed on both sides where traffic must travel when both directions of traffic use the same lane to travel. That of course would require holiday pay for the two flag people, is if they were union workers. Another photo has a woman and small child walking in the roadway with no guidance by the construction company as to their safety, especially with the sidewalk being closed where they would usually walk due to the blockage. Then there is the photo of a car being seen by the site supervisor who does nothing as it travels on the wrong lane of traffic around the island without and flag person to guide the car for its safety or any pedestrian who might be walking in the street rather than the blocked sidewalk. 

Above - The site supervisor of the construction site at 640 West 238th Street is talking to the driver of a truck making a delivery on Thanksgiving.
Below - The site supervisor continues to talk as he is oblivious to anything that comes near him as he and the delivery truck block one side of the island in the street. Notice there are no barriers or flag people anywhere. 

Above - The site supervisor finally sees me as I am right near him.
Below - The site supervisor obviously did not see this woman and her child walking around the island in the street where there was no flag person to guide them. The line you see is not a lane divider as one may think, but the remnants of a cement truck after dropping off its load.

Here you can see a car coming down the wrong side of the island, as the site supervisor notices it, and me taking his photo as he does nothing for anybody's safety. The car proceeded one or two minutes after the woman and her child walked down on the same side of the island in the middle of the street. Had they been walking at the time the car came, it is possible that the driver may not have seen them since there was no one from the construction company controlling the traffic flow.

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