Tuesday, November 22, 2016

BP Diaz Gives Turkeys to Needy Bronx Residents

  The Turkey truck pulled up at one of the many sites throughout the Bronx where Bronx BP Ruben Diaz Jr. and staff from the his office would give turkeys to needy Bronx residents. At this stop on Wallace Avenue BP Diaz would hand out 100 turkeys for resident to enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving.

Above - BP Diaz greets residents with turkeys that he would give out courtesy of Western Beef Supermarkets.
Below - This person thanks BP Diaz for the turkey for his turkey to have on Thanksgiving.

Above - This man not only thanks BP Diaz for the turkey he received, but also has his picture taken with his favorite BP.
Below - The turkey give out lasted until 100 turkeys were given out at this stop, and then it would be on to the next stop to give out more free turkeys to residents of the Bronx who may not be able to afford them. In all three thousand turkeys were given out over three days by BP Diaz. 

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