Friday, November 18, 2016

Fieldston Construction continues to Bother the Schools Neighbors

The above photo was taken in early June this year as the Fieldston School came before Community Board 8 with plans for an addition to the school in the fenced rooftop area facing Greystone Avenue. The parking lane was to be used during the construction which should have finished as the new school year began. 

As of this week in November the parking lane is still blocked with construction materials, and you will note that at dismissal times the street Greystone Avenue is closed by double parked buses who wait to load children from the school.

Above - Construction materials and barriers block more than just the parking lane by the Fieldston school on Greystone Avenue.
Below - What it looks like during dismissal by the Fieldston School on Greystone Avenue. The school completely blocks Greystone Avenue.

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