Friday, November 18, 2016

Is It DEP or now the EPA?


   You may have known this as a NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) truck, but if you look closely at the sign on the door you will now see NYC Environmental Protection or EPA. Just why the name change is anybody's guess, and some people like myself who have been battling the DEP over the past 21 years are amazed as well. This former DEP now EPA truck was found on Independence Avenue next to the parking lot of the Riverdale Temple where there was a water leak which was draining into the parking lot below street level. Other photos will show the EPA working the night before to find the leak which was in the process of being repaired the next day. 

Above and Below - Night work by the now NYC EPA to find the source of a water leak on Independence Avenue in Riverdale.

NYC EPA workers stand around the large hole dug on Independence Avenue, and are in the process of the repair job.

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