Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mayor de Blasio Visits Youth Leaders On The Move at the Christopher Columbus Campus

   At the annual Law Enforcement and School Safety Agent Appreciation Luncheon a special guest dropped in to say hello and how great it is to see students and police officers appreciating one another. Mayor Bill de Blasio who with Chancellor Carmen Farina have pushed to strengthen better relations between police officers and the school community was on hand to see students at the Columbus Campus host a luncheon for the local 47th Police Precinct officers and School Safety officers at the schools in the Columbus Campus. 
  It was a full program beginning with the Pledge of Allegiance, a wonderful music serenade by one of the students, presentation of a memorial plaque to the Police Department in honor of fallen Sergeant Paul Tuzzolo, remarks by the principal of the Bronxdale High school at the Columbus Campus, Deputy Inspector Stevenson the commanding officer of the 47th Precinct, Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson, Chief Gomez of the NYPD, and then Mayor Bill de Blasio. The photos should tell the rest of the story.

Above - A beautiful musical serene by student Carlos Sanchez.
Below - The plaque given to the police officers in honor of Sergeant Tuzzolo. 

Above - Deputy Inspector Stevenson of the 47th Police Precinct tells the students how much his officers at the 47th Pct. appreciate the support from the students. He added that after Sergeant Tuzzolo was killed in the line of duty it became tough to put on the uniform without remembering what had happened, but police officers continued to do their jobs.  
Below - Chief Gomez (from police headquarters) tells the students that the entire police department appreciates what is going on at the school with this luncheon with his police officers. This is one way for students to see the real police officers, who put their lives on the line every day for the people of New York City.

Above - Even the mayor had to sign in at the front desk, as one of the students turns around to see if it is really the mayor on New York City.
Below - The mayor walks to the front of the room with the program in his hand.

Above - There is always time to get a selfie in with the mayor as he hands his program to one of his aides.
Below - The mayor speaks to the students and police officers on hand saying that something important is happening here at this school as police and the school community come together. He added that it is important for the police officers and other community based groups to meet and get to know one another.

Above = As he was talking the mayor could not help but notice the delicious looking cake on the table right in front of him to be cut right after he finished his speech.
Below - The mayor, Chief Gomez, Deputy Inspector Stevens, and others from the school cut the first slice of cake.

Then it was off to another event for the mayor.


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