Saturday, November 5, 2016

Pharma Cannis Opens at 405 Hunts Point Avenue to Dispense Medical Cannabis

  The location of Pharma Cannis is 405 Hunts Point Avenue which Councilman Rafael Salamanca said was a 'strip club' closed while he was the District Manager of Community Board 2. The original location for this medical marijuana dispensary was several blocks away on what Councilman Salamanca said was 'a street in a dark area'. He and Assemblyman Marcos Crespo fought to have the location changed from 'a street in a dark area' to the present location on Hunts Point Avenue. 
   According to state law a medical cannabis (marijuana) site must not be within 1,000 feet of a school or church which is similar to the 200 foot rule when applying for a liquor license. As you will see in the photos below, there are several steps in the process before one receives the medical cannabis (marijuana), and there are many restrictions on just who is eligible for treatment of what condition. The cost is around one-hundred dollars per thirty day supply, which currently is not covered by any medical insurance. There are different types of the product available. a liquid form, a vapor form, and capsule form of the medication. Which form is dispensed will depend on the doctors prescribed treatment. The cannabis is stored in a vault, and a patient must register with the New York State Department of Health for a New York State Registry Card. 
  There are only certain certified doctors who can prescribe medical cannabis (marijuana), and the pharmacy does not have a list of the doctors. You must be refereed by a primary care physician only right now. After a tour of the dispensary there was an outside announcement of the rules, and speeches by a few people. Then there was an official ribbon cutting ceremony. This id the fourth dispensary location for Illinois based Pharma Care in New York State, and first in the Metro New York area. The Hunts Point Pharma Cannis dispensary phone number is 718-842-2001, or on the web for more information. 

Above - The front check in desk, and then you go into the waiting room until called by a pharmacy advisor.
Below - After waiting a few minutes, you are called into the advisory area where the advisor asks you a few questions about your health, and how the medical cannabis is helping you. 

Above - Assemblyman Marcos Crespo answers a question as to how this program was set up in the state legislature, as he awaits his tour of the dispensary. That is local Councilman Rafael Salamanca on Crespo's right.
Below - Councilman Salamanca speaks on the importance of this facility to the community, and how Community Board 2 members helped get the location. 

Above - It was time to cut the ribbon to officially open the dispensary.
Below - The ribbon is cut, and the dispensary is open for business. There are six full time employees at the Hunts Point Avenue site.

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