Wednesday, November 9, 2016


A reprint of part of my special article on the race for president six days before the election, Yes six days before the election. The parts about Anthony Weiner have been edited out.


   It looks like despite his own party, the media, and his own unforgiving behavior Donald Trump should become the next President of the United States. Last week I held out the chance of a Trump win, and this week with only a few days to go until election day it looks like President Donald Trump will be a reality.

 How did all this come about so soon after the last presidential debate?
  Candidate Trump had been gaining in polls, especially in what are called key states. The polls just before the renewal of the Clinton e-mail scandal had the two candidates in a virtual dead heat with candidate Trump ahead in a few key states. Now it seems that while there may be many people still voting for Hillary Clinton my call as to the outcome will be a Donald Trump victory with him receiving between 49 - 56 percent of the vote. As to the other two candidates they may now receive 4 - 8 percent of the vote.

    How this will affect down ballot races is to be seen especially in the U. S. Senate, Congress, and New York State Senate. Can the current Republican majority hold on to its majority with the new revaluations, or will voters cast them out for not supporting President Donald Trump. As I always say 'You never know what may happen next in politics.'

  So just what happened on Election day?
  It appears that the open seat on the Supreme Court may have pulled out every Republican and Conservative voter so that the Supreme Court stays the way it was before the death of Justice Scalia. 

   The key states that Democrats took for granted as being in their pocket wound up in the pocket of Donald Trump. One by one as the night wore on state after state went red, with some going the way they should have. However as election day ended, and the wee hours of the next day began the numbers were there for Donald Trump, but which network was going to be the first to call it a win for President Donald Trump. If you check my Facebook page under my name Robert Press you will see that I had called the race well before Ten PM. It was just a matter of time when the states would become red for Trump, and he would surpass the magic number of 270 in the electoral college. 

   How did the two houses do? They both remained Republican, and the New York State Senate has remained Republican as in the last election, and it is a question of what role will State Senator Jeff Klein and the IDC play there. 

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