Wednesday, November 16, 2016


  In response to recent heroin-related deaths in the community, Senator Jeff Klein, along with the Throggs Neck Community Action Partnership and the NYC Department of Health, hosted a Naloxone training session at Villa Barone Manor last night. The event was attended by over 200 people who were very interested in stopping a problem that has become increasing in their community

Carolynn Colandro, whose son died of a fatal overdose, shared the story of how her 29 year old Nicholas was lead on to a path which eventually killed him. As she was telling the story Ms. Colandro had to stop, and her daughter Francesca had to continue until her mother regained her composure to be able to finish her families tragedy over drug addition which led to Nicholas's death.
Also on hand were family and friends of Christopher Morello, Anthony Trotta, and Billy Brennan who also recently died of drug overdoses. They wanted to know what the police department in the area was doing about drug sales in the 45th Precinct, and Senator Klein said that he would set up a town hall meeting so that community residents could get the answers why this is increasing in the area.
To prevent further tragedies, Senator Klein discussed the recently enacted laws to help combat the heroin and opioid epidemic. there was also a presentation from the New York City Department of Health. Those in attendance who came to find out more about Naloxone who filled out a required form received a Naloxone kit. They were also instructed on how to use Naloxone if they see someone they think is overdosing on a drug.

Above - Photos and names of those who have died of drug overdoses in the 45th Precinct over the past year or two.
Below - State Senator Jeff Klein presents some information on how New York State has put aside $189 million dollars to fight and educate people of all ages on drug treatment and prevention programs, among other ways of ending the current drug overdose crisis.

Above - Carolynn Colandro tells of the horrors of her son Nicholas's addiction to drugs. She mentions that he was overcoming it, but wound up using drugs again which wound up killing him.
Below - As her mother can no longer speak Nicholas's sister Francesca continues to tell of the horrors that the Colandro family went through.

Above - Senator Klein thanks Carolynn Colandro and daughter Francesca on being brave and able to tell the story of the addiction that lead up to the death of Nicholas Colandro.
Below - Naloxone kits are being given to those who filled out requests, and they are being given instructions on how to use Naloxone should they ever need to use it.  

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