Thursday, November 10, 2016

Statements from New York City Officials on the Victory by President Donald Trump


Like millions of New Yorkers, I'm deeply disappointed by the results of this election – but I’m equally dedicated to our democracy, and determined to preserve the values our City cherishes.

I congratulate the New Yorker who won the election, Donald Trump. And I honor the New Yorker who won our city’s vote and the popular vote nationally, Hillary Clinton.

I call on all New Yorkers to move forward together, resolute and determined to protect and preserve the City we love and the values we cherish.

It's no secret that I have profound political disagreements with president-elect Trump.  But now comes the hard part – governing. And I commit to working with the new administration, positively and constructively, to rebuild our infrastructure, create more jobs, protect our residents and preserve the liberties that New Yorkers enjoy.

I take solace in the fact that the president-elect is a dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker, and I hope and trust he will remember the lessons of a life lived in New York City.

New York believes in economic opportunity. This has always been a place where everyone had a chance to make it. We know that our City’s future depends on lifting the floor for all, no matter your zip code or ethnicity or gender. We know that income inequality has to be tackled.  We fight for the things that help working men and women, like paid sick leave, a higher minimum wage, affordable housing and paid parental leave. This was true in the time of Al Smith and Franklin Roosevelt, and it remains true today.   

New York believes in liberty.  We stand behind Lady Liberty with open arms to welcome immigrants and refugees. We always have and we always will.

New York believes in tolerance. We long ago showed the world that live and let live is the best policy. We embrace civil rights and religious diversity. We always have and we always will.

New York is the symbol of America to so much of the world. We are a showcase, but we are also a target because our values work. We embrace our role as America's greatest city.  We will continue to keep our people safe – all our people, regardless of who they are or where they come from.

We will continue to bind up the wounds and heal the relationship between our police and our communities. In the ultimate city of neighborhoods, we embrace a vision of neighborhood policing that keeps us strong, and safe, and more unified.

These are the values New Yorkers share. And these values have never been dependent on any one person or any one office.

They are a part of our identity.

They always have been, and they always will be.

Today is a time of reflection. Tomorrow, resolutely and purposefully, the work begins again.


“For her entire professional career, Hillary Clinton has outlined a positive vision for the future of our nation, and I have been proud to support and work with her every step of the way.
“Like so many others I am both saddened and disappointed that Secretary Clinton was unsuccessful in her historic bid for the White House. This was an extremely divisive campaign, and I expect that President-Elect Trump is sincere when he claims to be ready to work with all sides for the betterment of this nation.
"So many are ready and willing to extend their hand to help President-Elect Trump reunite our nation. For the good our city, our state and all of America, let’s hope he takes it, and seizes on the opportunity to demonstrate that he can be a President for everyone,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

Statement From Councilman Jumaane Williams

"As I gathered my thoughts I realized that now adding salt to the deep wound, are those trying to downplay the importance racism, xenophobia, jingoism, and misogyny played in this election. The very things that so many of us were consistently told weren't a part of America. And too many deny the impact it has on continually disenfranchising communities.

"I take some solace in history showing us that 'this too shall pass.' This is the expected backlash for progress being made. This type of response goes as far back as Reconstruction. After a period of lament those of good consciousness will step forward and organize to turn the ship back. I hope New York City will be a beacon for that fight.  Unfortunately, it will not happen without tremendous damage to real human beings, families and communities. How much damage depends on how quickly we are honest with what happened on Nov. 8 and why it happened?


"I am humbled and proud to have earned the respect, good faith and thanks that the residents of my district have shown me with their ballots," Sepulveda said.

"I have constantly worked hard for them, their neighborhoods and in Albany to return that support and to improve their lives. For their faith in me, I pledge to continue working for them, if not harder."

This legislator drew a record 27,614 votes - or 80.18% of the total count - while his only competitor, on the Conservative Party line, came in with 1,116 votes.

Sepulveda's vote count was the highest among the borough's Latino legislators, with the second highest percentage of votes in any of the borough's other assembly races.

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