Saturday, November 12, 2016

Veterans Day Remembrance at the Rudy Macina Peace Memorial Plaza.

   The Morris Park Community Association, Knights of Columbus, Mary Queen of Peace Council, Morris Park Kiwanis, and Community Board 11, the American Legion, and Mr. Silvo Mazzes all did a wonderful job (as usual) in this years Veterans day remembrance. The national anthem and God Bless America was professionally sung by Ms. Jillian Cannata. Many veterans said what it means to have served in the armed forces, some seeing battle with their comrades in arms being killed on the battlefield. All said however that the brave soldiers who fought for this country did it so people could live a free life, and even demonstrate as some are doing. The photos will tell the rest of the story.

Above - Mr. Silvo Mazzes was the master of ceremonies for the days Veteran Day remembrance.
Below - Those on hand included the latest rookie officers of the 49th Precinct.

Above - Ms. Jillian Cannata sung the national anthem.
Below - She also sang God Bless America at the end of the Veterans Day remembrance.

Above - Father Knapp gives the invocation.
Below - Veteran Tony Signorile gives a powerful speech about democracy, and asks why people are demonstrating when the country has a new president. Note the flags flyings briskly during Mr. Signorile very emotional speech.

Above - Assemblyman Michael Benedetto gives a moving Veterans Day speech.
Below - Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj also gave a Veterans Day speech about the immigrants who built this country.

Above - It came time for the memorial reef to be placed by Mr. Al D'Angelo and Mr. Earl Menard Jr. Taps is being played in the background by the bugler. 
Below - They also place bouquets of flowers near the memorial headstones for fallen soldiers. 

A group photo of those who participated in the Veterans Day Memorial service. Over 100 people were on hand to see this touching remembrance on Veterans Day.

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