Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Wakefield Town Hall Meeting by Mayor Bill de Blasio and Councilman Andy King

  It should come as no secret that the town hall meetings by Mayor bill de Blasio have come in council districts where the council member is favorable to the mayors positions, and last night's Wakefield Town Hall meeting was held in Councilman Andy King's district. Councilman King has been a friend to Mayor de Blasio, and it has shown in his district by the placement of a new YMCa to be built in Councilman Kings district. The dream of a new youth and community center was on the minds of residents of the12th council district for many years before Councilman King and Mayor de Blasio elected into office, but it was Councilman King and Mayor de Blasio with help from the new Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie who made the dream happen. 
   Hundreds of residents attended the Town Hall meeting with questions about NYCHA, the MTA, Coop-City, Senior affairs, getting a traffic light installed, education, water bills, and many more. Councilman King went around the room to choose the people who then asked the mayor their question. The mayor brought with him Agency and Department heads who the mayor would bring up to further give the answer when the mayor wanted to make sure the person who asked the question knew just who to see after the Town Hall meeting was over. This Town Hall meeting lasted over two hours, and even longer as the mayor hung around to take photos with many of those who stayed the entire night. Others found the department or agency person to give them more information, or to answer any questions not said at the Town Hall meeting. Photos of the Town Hall meeting are below.

Above - After being introduced by Councilman King, Mayor de Blasio spoke for a few minutes before answering questions from the audience.
Below - The mayor gives an answer on the topic of the MTA.

Above - The mayor brought up Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie the local assembly member to say a few words. Also on hand were newly elected 36th State Senator Jamaal Bailey, and Bronx District attorney Darcel Clark who also said a few words.
Below - The mayor got real close to the audience when answering some of the questions.

Above - The mayor answers a question, and you can see the agency and department heads or Bronx representatives and Bronx Borough police command in the background to be called upon when needed to answer specific questions that the mayor needed help on. 
Below - The mayor brings up a Deputy Chancellor to answer a specific question about overcrowding in the school district. 

The mayor listens to a question from a young student who wants to know why she can't get a metro card because she has to take three buses to school and home.

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