Friday, December 23, 2016

52nd Precinct Council Meeting Special Guest

  At last night's 52nd Precinct Council there was a special guest. Santa Claus was among the crowd, but it was Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark who was the special guest who described her first year as Bronx DA. DA Clark described her accomplishment of making the DA's office vertical, meaning that one Assistant DA covers a case from start to end as opposed to several different Assistant DA's in the past. 

  Also at the meeting was State Senator Gustavo Rivera, who gave a brief detail of what he expects to see in the upcoming new year in the State Senate. The Precinct commander went over the crime stats, which he said have declined slightly over the past year in the 52nd Precinct. He also said however that the biggest problem seems to be robberies where thieves come in through unlocked or unsecured windows on fire escapes. He added that this may happen when you are not home, and in some instances when people were at home. There was cheer, food, and a good time had by all who attended.

Above - Bronx District Attorney Darcl Clark speaks to the crowd.
Below - State Senator Gustavo Rivera gives his take on the upcoming new year for the State Senate.

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