Monday, December 12, 2016

Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj Announces He is Running For The 13th City Council District

   If front of a packed Chippewa Democratic Club with many friends in attendance including State Senator Jeff Klein, 82nd A.D. Assemblyman Michael Benedetto, Tom Messina from Congressman Joe Crowley's office (the Chippewa Democratic Club Vice-Chair), several District Leaders, and a roomful of supporters Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj announced that he will be running for the soon to be vacant 13th City Council seat.

Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj stood waiting with His wife Roberta Gjonaj, fellow Assemblyman Michael Benedetto, and close friend State Senator Jeff Klein.
Chippewa Democratic Club Vice-Chair Tom Messina called up  the elected officials to say a few words about Assemblyman Gjonaj including some of his own kind words for a man he said has the 'Community First'.

Above - Assemblyman Michael Benedetto praised his fellow legislator in Albany, and said it would be great to get Mark Gjonaj elected to the City Council so Mark would no longer be able to show him up in Albany by doing such a good job.
Below - State Senator Jeff Klein could have spoken for over an hour about the help Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj has been to him in the community, and Klein hopes to have Gjonaj as the next City Councilman from the 13th Council district to help even more.

Above - Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj was very humble in saying he is running for the 13th City Council seat for the 'Community First' over any other reason. He mentioned several items in which need to be improved in the coming years such as the merchant corridors, keeping crime low, education, senior members of the community, and the high property taxes to name a few.
Below - Assemblyman Michael Benedetto holds Gjonaj's hand up high in victory as he hopes to do after the the September Primary, and November general election. Notice the look of determination on the face of 13th City Council candidate Mark Gjonaj. 

Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj now joins a growing list of candidates for the 13th City Council seat currently held by term limited Councilman Jimmy Vacca which includes Mr. John Doyle, Mr. John Marano, Ms. Marjorie Velazquez Lynch, as the major contenders for the council seat. It looks like Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj can now be considered the favorite to win the 13th City Council seat in 2017. Candidate Mark Gjonaj also announced that he would not be taking any matching funds so that the money could go to better use than a political campaign, he also called upon his challengers not to accept any political campaign matching funds from the city.  

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