Sunday, December 25, 2016

Menorah Lighting on Riverdale Avenue

Above - Before the largest menorah in the Bronx is lit for Chanukah it must be erected.
Below - The giant menorah is ready to be lit as it stands tall and proud.

Above - for the first night of Chanukah Rabbi Levi Shemtov and his son Yosef lit the first light well after the Sabbath sundown.
Below - The next evening it was dancing in the street for the menorah lighting.

Above and Below - Hundreds of people came out to the menorah lighting. There was balloons, potato pancakes, donuts, dreidels, and small menorahs given out. 

Above - Improving police and community relations, 50th Precinct Officer Israel Sirota joins the dancing.
Below - Deputy Inspector Terrence O'Toole gets thanks from Rabbi Shemtov for his great job as the 50th Precinct commanding officer. 

Above - Before he can suit up to go on the lift platform to light the menorah Councilman Andrew Cohen signs a waiver form for Con Edison.
Below - All suited up with a safety harness he is ready to climb onto the truck platform to be lifted up with Rabbi Shemtov to the giant menorah.

Above - Rabbi Shemtov and Councilman Cohen are ready to be lifted up.
Below as the platform gets close to the giant menorah, Rabbi Shemtov tells the story of Chanukah.

With help from Rabbi Shemtov Councilman Cohen lights the two side lanterns for the second night of Chanukah.

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