Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Riverdale Avenue Holiday Lights

  The official Holiday lights on the South Riverdale Avenue merchants corridor from West 236th to West 238th Streets were turned on yesterday by State Senator Jeff Klein, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, and Councilman Andrew Cohen. The three local elected officials were helped out by KRVC and several youngsters who caroled along the route from the KRVC office to the front of the popular Yo Burger restaurant where Senator Klein turned on the holiday lights.

Above - The group Began at the KRVC office located on West 236th Street and Riverdale Avenue. 
Below - The group led by Senator Klein greeted people and merchants such as John from Botany Bay Florists along the way to the holiday lighting

Above - The young carolers march to Yo Burger where they will sing several songs before Senator Klein throws the switch to light the holiday lights on Riverdale Avenue.
Below - Senator Klein and his staff have reached their destination Yo Burger.

Above - The carolers sing several songs before Senator Klein turns on the holiday lights.
Below - They pose with the elected officials 

Above - Councilman Cohen says a few words as he stands with Senator Klein and Assemblyman Dinowitz. To the councilman's right is the owner of Yo Burger Mario. 
Below - Senator Klein turns on the holiday lights.

The elected officials pose with some merchants and Ms. Tracy Shelton (with the Christmas hat on) Executive Director of KRVC who help make the holiday lights happen.

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