Thursday, December 29, 2016


State Senator Jeff Klein and Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj hosted the 22nd annual Chanukah celebration at Bronx House on Wednesday evening. On hand was Bronx House Chief Executive Officer Howie Martin, children from the Bronx House programs, and Rabbi Israel Greenberg who helped light the Chanukah Menorah. There was hot chocolate, cookies and Chanukah Gelt given out to everyone in attendance.

Above - Howie Martin CEO of Bronx House thanks Senator Klein for the 22nd Annual Chanukah Menorah lighting at Bronx House.
Below - Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj speaks to the crowd as Senator Klein and Rabbi Greenberg listen to Assemblyman Gjonaj. 

Above - Rabbi Greenberg says a few words about Senator Klein and Assemblyman Gjonaj before calling both up to help light the Bronx House Menorah.
Below - After saying the Chanukah prayer, Rabbi Greenberg, Senator Klein, and Assemblyman Gjonaj light the Bronx House Menorah.

Above - Captain Thomas Alps of the 49th Precinct stands with Mr. Joe Thompson the 49th Precinct Council President as they watch the menorah lighting.
Below - Bronx House CEO Howie Martin, Senator Klein, Assemblyman Gjonaj, Rabbi Greenberg, and Brad Silver of the Bronx Jewish Community Council stand in front of the lit Chanukah Menorah.

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