Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Using City Street For Construction Unloading

  You see heavy steel piping being lifted to the top of an eight story building located at 640 West 238th Street Bronx N.Y. Now lets see how the material was unloaded and stored since the building at 640 West 238th Street is being built to the property lines. 

Above - You can see a truck unloading construction materials at 640 West 238th Street. Notice the condition so called protective covering around the island in the middle of the street and the condition island itself. You can also see a worker putting ropes around heavy piping that has been placed in the street as it is being unloaded.
Below - You can see that there are two trucks blocking both sides of the island so traffic can not go on either side of the island. What you can not see is that the street at that bottom ofthe island Blackstone Avenue is closed for work by Con Edison, so this is an area of two blocks now that is closed off with construction vehicles. Also note that the truck being unloaded is parked right next to the fire hydrant another safety problem in case of a fire nearby. 

Above - After I started to take photos of unloading the heavy construction materials in the street there is no longer a need for that as the materials are now lifted directly to the building under construction.
Below - Just one part of the road where the construction has taken place. the entire block will have to be repaired and repaved, and who is going to pay for it the developer or the city?

Notice the stop sign which means that West 238th Street is a two way street, but that does not matter to this construction worker who has brought coffee to the flagman and others at the construction site as he is parked the wrong way in a no parking zone.

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