Sunday, December 25, 2016

Water Main Break on Riverdale Avenue

  It took more than twenty-four hours for the Environmental Protection Agency of New York City to fix this water main break between West 239th and West 238th Streets - as it was described by one worker. The photos below will explain further. 

Above - An NYCEPA worker is on site as the sun sets, but does not know where the water is coming from.
Below - the street is cordoned off where the leak is awaiting NYCEPA workers to fix it.

Above - Heavy equipment and other workers show up.
Below - Night work on Christmas Eve begins to fix the water break.

Above and Below - You can see how the water goes onto the sidewalk where the  broken parts of the curb from the roadway milling back in March of 2016 still has not been repaired. The curb repair work is scheduled for March of 2017 according to the DOT.

Above - The repair work goes overnight.
Below - Workers are finishing up work, but the Northbound lanes of Riverdale Avenue are closed leading to a dangerous situation as the traffic must go into the southbound lanes near a blind curve.

The water main work on  Riverdale Avenue is finished, and this is how the street is repaired. By the way this street was fully milled and repaved in March of 2016, and is a protected street according to the DOT. The NYCEPA must not care about that by the condition thestreet has been left in.

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