Saturday, January 28, 2017

Bronx GOP’s Field Office Grand Opening/Open House at 3029 Middletown Road in Pelham Bay.

   Earlier thus afternoon the Bronx Republican Party held an open house at its headquarters at 3029 Middletown Road to show off the transition of a new county leaders, and several mayoral candidates. Mr. John Greany has retired as the Bronx Republican County Leader, and Mr. Michael Rendino has taken the helm as the new Bronx Republican County Leader. Some interesting guests dropped by as you will see in the photos below, and an announcement by a new candidate into the 13th City Council race. 

   New Republican County Leader Michael Rendino welcomed the rather large crowd, introduced the Bronx GOP new field director Mr. Robert Giuffre, and then welcomed some candidates for office including two Mayoral candidates.

Above - Possible mayoral candidate John Castimatidis stands outside the Bronx Republican headquarters between former Bronx Republican County Leader John Greany, and new Bronx Republican County Leader Michael Rendino.
Below - Mr. Castimatidis comes into the Bronx GOP office to shake hands, and say that he is exploring a possible run for mayor. He said that he should have a definite answer in a few weeks if he is going to run for mayor or not.

Above - Another major candidate seeking the Republican line for mayor  ex Jet football player Michael Faulkner came with several supporters to talk to the Bronx Republican Party.
Below - Mr. John Cerini explains the difficulty Businesses sand residents are having, and then announced his intention to seek the Republican line in the November general election for the 13th City Council district.

The Open House will continue Sunday from 11 AM - 3PM.

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