Saturday, January 21, 2017

Coming to a McDonald's Near You?

  At this McDonald's on White Plains Road just south of Allerton Avenue you will be soon placing your order from this new 'Order Taker Machine'. What with the minimum wage going up costs have to be kept down. This new OTM is only one of four such OTM's that have been placed in this McDonalds. After all it takes only pennies an hour to run this OTM, it will never ask for a raise, overtime, and call in sick. Plus with this OTM the owner will not have to pay unemployment, or even have to keep tax records for this new employee.  

  I was told that no employee is to be fired, but that would mean no new employees would be hired to take orders from customers. The new OTM will also never get into an argument with a customer, and like a bank ATM has a help button right in the lower middle section to assist a customer. There may still be a live order taker, again much like a bank with one live teller, but using the ATM or now OTM should get a customer out quicker. As for live help, people are still going to be needed to cook the food, package it, and give it to the customer. As for paying for the food ordered it may be done with a credit or debit card at the OTM, or even by paying cash when you pick up your order. 

As you can see in the photo on the left there are other OTM's in this McDonald's.
On the right is OTM number 4 by the entrance door.
Happy ordering.

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