Monday, January 23, 2017

News From 18th City Council Candidate Elvin Garcia


We did it! We raised more than twice the funds of anyone else in this race, with no institutional support organizing events on our behalf and we did so in one month --1/6 of the time that other campaigns have been actively fundraising. This is what grassroots people-power looks like. Because of YOU, we can now grow our team & reach more voters. 

Facts about our January 17th filing with the NYC Campaign Finance Board.
  • We received a total of 274 individual contributions totaling $33,240 in a very short period of time from 12/1/16 to 1/11/17.
  • More than 200 contributions were made exclusively online --from subscribers just like you-- via our website.
  • The average individual contribution was $121 and 78.5% of those contributions came from NYC residents. 
  • And our additional funds from the NYC public financing matching fund program is $12,185 thus far.
Thanks again to all of the friends, family, neighbors, activists, and supporters for making an investment in #ANewBronxTale of leadership for Council District 18. Together, we are going to defy the odds and usher in the change we need to lift up our communities and working families. 

With gratitude,

Elvin Garcia

PS: please visit our website at to learn more about our campaign. The next fundraising deadline will be March 11th. Thank you.


Campaign Finance Summary

2017 Citywide Elections

Updated: Jan 23 2017 4:11PM   18th Council District

Candidate            Private Funds            Spending            Balance

Farias, Amanda          15,607                       505                       15,102

Garcia, Elvin               33,240                      3,961                     29,279
Gathers, Dwayne *            -                           
 -                               -
 * Terminated campaign

It Appears that there are only two announced candidates as of 
Jan. 23rd CFB Finance Summary for the 18th Council District.
Not three as candidate Elvin Garcia claims.
Candidate Gathers terminated his campaign with no funds.

State Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz Sr. who said before he was 
re-elected to the state senate that he would be running in the 
18th council district has not yet filed with the CFB. 

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