Monday, January 23, 2017

News From Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz Urges DOE to Use Soon-To-Be Vacant School

  In a letter to NYC Department of Education (DOE) Chancellor Carmen Fariña, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz urged her to consider the use of the building located at 3120 Corlear Avenue to house students and alleviate the overcrowding issues plaguing schools in District 10.
In recent years, District 10 has dealt with chronic overcrowding issues at several schools, including P.S. 24 and P.S. 7 to name a few. The overcrowding problems at P.S. 24 were needlessly exacerbated last year by the DOE’s bungling of the lease-renewal for the Whitehall Annex. The subsequent loss of the Annex lost P.S. 24 over one hundred and fifty desperately needed seats at a time when poor decisions made at the school were already adding to the overcrowding problems.
In an effort to help the DOE redeem themselves in District 10, Assemblyman Dinowitz urges the DOE to consider using 3120 Corlear Avenue to house students from at least one of the overcrowded schools, if not several. The Tech International Charter School currently occupies the space, but failure to meet performance standards have forced the school to close. The building though, already suitable for educating students, should be available for use by September 2017 if the DOE acts now and seizes upon this opportunity to create additional space for students.
“It is indisputably in the interest of the NYC DOE to capitalize on this opportunity for the well-being and quality of education of the students in this district,” said Assemblyman Dinowitz.  “I firmly believe that the building could go a great way toward improving the education of those same students by providing them adequate space in which to learn. We have a large number of potential seats which could be ready in September. We would not have to wait several years for the DOE to construct a new facility.  It is urgent that the DOE act immediately”

Assemblyman Dinowitz Applauds High Turnout  in New York City Women’s March and Calls for Continued Action

  Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz along with Council Member Andrew Cohen and other local elected officials attended New York City’s Women’s March along 5th avenue this past Saturday together  with an estimated 400,000 people. The march in NYC was only one part of protests and rallies that spanned seven continents and included millions of people from nations across the globe, with several million in the U.S. alone. The purpose of the marches was initially to stand up to Trump and to stand up for women's rights. But the purpose seemed to broaden to encompass issues ranging from support for women's reproductive rights, affordable health care, fighting climate change, immigration reform and more. Those who came out to protest believe these issues are in jeopardy.
In the spirit of this march and in preparation for the long fight against Trump’s tyranny, the State Assembly has already begun to take measures to insulate itself from any subversion Trump and the U.S. Congress might attempt against the progressive laws and ideals that New York has upheld for decades. Assemblyman Dinowitz helped pass in the State Assembly two critical pieces of legislation to strengthen and protect women’s reproductive rights. The measures affirm a woman’s right to an abortion in New York State (A.1748) and require insurers to continue covering contraception at no cost to the consumer (A.1378).

Assemblyman Dinowitz was extremely proud that New York City had such a great turnout for the event, believing that it reflects the spirit of resistance and New York values that will be sorely needed in the years to come. He urges not only opponents of Trump but everyone that believes in women’s equality, immigration reform, affordable health care and basic human decency not to quit now but to continue in their fervor to oppose him.

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