Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Statement From Councilman Eric Ulrich on Mayor de Blasio's Proposed Budget

"Mayor de Blasio's budget uses smoke and mirrors to mask the real problems facing our city. The Mayor is obviously more concerned with his reelection and raising his own political profile than addressing the homeless epidemic, tackling the affordable housing crisis, and improving the quality of life in every borough.

"The Mayor's budget is indeed a reflection of his values; it rewards the special interests at the expense of the taxpayers.  I will be doing everything I can between now and the budget adoption to ensure our seniors don't get shortchanged, our veterans get the property tax relief they deserve, our children who are at risk are protected, and the plight of the middle class does not go ignored."  


It should be noted that Councilman Eric Ulrich has announced his intentions to run for mayor on the Republican line in November against current Mayor Bill de Blasio, or whomever is the candidate of the Democratic Party.

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