Wednesday, February 15, 2017

CB 8 Honors 101 Year Old Member


   In an era when 16 year old members are being asked to join community boards Mr. Irving Ladimer who turns 101 on Thursday February 16th, Community Board 8 had a little celebration at its full board meeting honoring its board member Irving Ladimers upcoming 101st birthday. 
  There was only one candle on the cake, not because 101 candles would not fit, but to symbolize Mr. Ladimers first year in the second century of his life. Irving is still a very active board member, and even still works as a lawyer part time.

Above - CB 8 Chair Dan Padernacht lights the one candle on Mr. Ladimers cake, as the boards Aging Committee Chair Lisa Daub looks on.
Below - Irving blows out the one candle.

Councilman Andrew Cohen was at the board meeting to congratulate Irving on his birthday.

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