Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Senate and Assembly Pass Resolution Memorializing the Life of Fallen Battalion Chief Michael J. Fahy

   Today, State Senator Gustavo Rivera, and Assembly member Victor M. Pichardo introduced a resolution in the New York State Senate and the New York State Assembly paying tribute to the life and service of fallen firefighter Battalion Chief, Michael J. Fahy, who tragically perished in a building explosion in the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx on September 27, 2016. 

This resolution sought to memorialize Battalion Chief Fahy's life of service and sacrifice with the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY) while further recognizing the innumerable sacrifices made by men and women of the FDNY. This resolution is co-sponsored by State Senator George Latimer in the New York State Senate and Assembly member Shelley Mayer in the New York State Assembly as representatives of the districts that Chief Fahy called home.
"Battalion Chief Michael J. Fahy's remarkable life of service perfectly embodied the values that characterize those who are truly committed to public service. For seventeen years, Chief Fahy, a second generation firefighter, worked tirelessly to provide fire protection and safety to the many communities throughout New York City. He proudly served and performed his responsibilities beyond his call of duty," said State Senator Gustavo Rivera. "I'm profoundly honored to introduce this resolution on the floor of the New York State Senate not only as a token, albeit small, of our State's appreciation and utmost respect to Battalion Chief Fahy, but also as a merited recognition to the courageous and often perilous work performed by our men and women of the FDNY. My thoughts and prayers are with Chief Fahy's widow, Fiona Fahy, and their three children Michael, Cormac and Ann Elisabeth."
"It is important to keep in mind our first responders who face danger every day and the bravery with which they do their job. After 17 years of dedicated service, it is an honor to recognize Battalion Chief Michael J. Fahy, a husband, a father and a valiant member of Battalion 19, Engine Company 75, Ladder Company 33, of the Bronx," said Assembly member Victor Pichardo. "Not only would I like to pay tribute to this courageous man but I would like to honor his memory and thank him and his family for their commitment and faithful service to my neighbors in the West Bronx."
"My heart goes out to Battalion Chief Fahy, his wife and their children. To be a Battalion Chief is not just a commitment of your own, but also a commitment made by those who love you. I so appreciate my colleagues in the State Senate, as well as the Assembly, pausing to honor a great man who so selflessly gave of himself. I deeply admire the work and life of Battalion Chief Michael J. Fahy and thank Senator Rivera and my other colleagues for honoring him," said State Senator George Latimer.
"I am honored to co-sponsor this resolution memorializing Battalion Chief Michael J. Fahy. The resolution is but a small token of what we can do to commemorate his life and his work. We will always be grateful for his bravery and his service, and continue to have his widow, Fiona Fahy, and three children, Michael, Cormac and Ann Elisabeth, in our thoughts and prayers. Chief Fahy put his life on the line for his work, and his family should know just how much of a hero he is in our eyes, too. The men and women of our community who serve as firefighters know the risks their work involves, but they have a deep sense of public service and a love for their work. Chief Fahy embodied these values, and we will continue to remember him in this light," said Assembly member Shelley Mayer.

The resolution honoring Battalion Chief Michael J. Fahy was unanimously adopted by the New York State Senate and the New York State Assembly.

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